Why sell to us?

We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellent service from our top-notch jewelry professionals. Our goal is for 100% transparency with our pledge of being one of the most trusted jewelers in the industry. We hear stories from our customers of their experiences with Internet, pawnshop, hotel expo and television gold buyers—and none of them are good. We give you the opportunity to sit back in your own personal session with one of our certified gold testers, and watch the entire process. It is our philosophy that people should have fun selling the items they don’t want and have the choice of receiving money or buying new jewelry! The scale and testing materials will be right in front of you. The customer is given a signed copy of their receipt with detailed information of what was sold, the weight, the price of each purity group and how much money you were paid in total. When you visit our locations, you know that you will be able to openly discuss the value of your pieces, with the knowledge that you are trading with a licensed and trustworthy company. With over a hundred locations, our primary focus is to provide our customers with convenient, efficient service and a trustworthy experience.

When is the best time to sell my gold?

Now is the best time to sell your gold items. Gold has seen record high prices in recent months. The best place to sell your unwanted items is a location that will provide you with quotes based on the most accurate gold rates of the day.

What do I need to bring with me, apart from my gold?

The second hand dealers’ industry is highly regulated for your own security and peace of mind. The laws differ slightly in each county, city and state, but all places require a valid state or U.S. issued photo identification card. (Such as Drivers License, US Passport, Military ID). You must be 18 years of age or older to sell gold.

What kinds of items can I sell?

We buy gold, platinum and sterling silver items.

Sterling Silver, Platinum and 24K gold must be stamped appropriately for us to purchase. Broken/damaged jewelry, kinked chains, mismatched earrings, items missing stones or items in need of repair. Jewelry you don’t like or wear anymore or items that may be out of style. Jewelry or items passed down from an older generation that may be collecting dust and not being worn. Gifts from past relationships, wedding bands and engagement rings. Gold class rings, cluster rings, gold brooches and pins, lockets and charms. Gold wrist watches. Gold and silver coins, commemorative coins, medals and ingots.

How do you assess the value of my gold?

In order to answer this question, we need to professionally evaluate your items to determine actual weight and precious metal content. Once you arrive at one of our many convenient locations, your gold will be professionally weighed, tested for precious metal content, and assigned a net value. Once the value has been agreed upon and accepted by you, our associates enter the information into our system and your receipt and payment is produced.

How are prices calculated?

Our pricing is competitive and updated daily with the changes in the gold market. We reference the price of gold quoted on the London Stock Exchange on a daily basis and calculate formulas against each of the metals. We also calculate our daily gold buying rate, taking into consideration the costs of running the business as well as special promotions, customer bonuses and offers. Our stores are advised daily of the current price they may offer and any special bonuses that may be available.

How do I get paid for my gold?

You will be paid with a check on the spot that is valid within 24 hours of your transaction! We pay by check for your safety and ours. You can also choose to get half check and half in-store credit or use all of your payment toward a purchase in the store.

Do you offer more for my gold if I choose an in-store credit?

Yes. We offer 20% more for your gold everyday of the year for in-store credit. There are a few times a year (usually close to peak “gift giving times”) that we have Gold Buying Events, where we offer almost 40% more for your gold toward in-store credit to maximize the amount of spending money you can use in our stores to purchase jewelry items. These in-store credits can be used to help purchase that engagement ring, anniversary band, or any other purchase.

Do you buy jewelry with diamonds or semi-precious stones?

No, we do not buy diamonds or semi-precious stones.

How can I find out more about upcoming gold events?

There are a few options out there to help you stay in the loop about our specials and events. During these events, we offer 20% more to anyone who comes in to sell us their gold during the event days and up to 40% more for in-store credit!

We post our upcoming event dates on our website and on our Facebook pages. Use the store locator to find the most conventient store and view all events. We send email event invitations and reminders and send out exclusive early “pre-event” offers through email. We also post advertisements in local newspapers and on local radio stations to announce upcoming events. Our helpful store associates would be more than happy to share more details with you as well.

What about rare gold coins or antique items?

Our locations are licensed secondhand dealers, and we are not antiques or ‘collectables’ dealers: we place value solely on the metal value as second hand goods. We like to suggest to our clients that if they have coins or other special pieces, then they should take these pieces to someone who deals specifically in that field for a price quote. We have had situations where we have bought some pieces from a customer but referred them to a “collectibles dealer” for some of the specialty items that could be worth more than just their metal value. This means you can determine whether your gold has a greater second hand value as an artifact and collectable piece or for the metal value only.

How can I find my nearest store?

Use the store locator feature to choose your most convenient location.